Day care

The Town of Forssa organises day care at day-care centres and children's private day care.

Children’s private day care takes place at the childminder’s home, and the group can consist of a maximum of four children.

If a parent is caring for a child under 3 at home, the family can apply for child care allowance, and it is also possible to receive the municipal addition if the child needs non-standard hour child care or special care.

Pre-primary education is organised for six-year-olds at the Axelin Eskari pre-school and the Koijärvi school and day care centre if the family lives in northern Forssa. Children needing non-standard hour child care will receive pre-primary education at Pihakoivu day-care centre. Non-standard hour child care refers to care taking place in the morning before 05:30, in the afternoon after 17:30 or during the weekends and at night.

Children that need support for their development or growth are placed in the groups of day-care centres and in private day care. Special kindergarten teachers, day care assistants and other auxiliary personnel will support the children.

Childrens event at Forssa marketplace

You can apply for a place in a day-care centre through an electronic form or a hardcopy version of the form that you can collect from the Town Hall.

The application must be submitted four months before the need for the care starts. If the need is caused by employment or studying, the application must be submitted two weeks before the need for the care starts.

A monthly fee will be collected from children’s day care, which is affected by the family’s size and gross income.

Once the day care place is appointed, a written decision will be sent to the home address and the day care centre’s personnel will call the guardian to invite the family to pay a visit to the day care.

Additional information:

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